About Tutor Doctor - Tutor Doctor

My Students

These are the children, youth, teenagers, and adults that make up my extended family. I work hard to ensure that each of them gets the help they need. I want the best for my students: not just a satisfactory result, but a superb one! I want them to have a great relationship with their tutor, because that is equally as important as having a tutor with the right skill set.

My Tutors

Students that are succeeding and opening up doors to opportunities are only half of who we are. Our tutors make up the other half. These energetic, dedicated, knowledgeable people care about each of their students, and strive to ensure they reach, and even surpass, their goals.

Most of our tutors are university students and teachers, who have spent years focused on their areas of expertise. This exceptional subject knowledge, coupled with their teaching experience, is what gives them the solid foundations required to be a good tutor. What makes them all great tutors is their drive and desire.

My Education Consultants

Education Consultants bring a personal touch to each family and student. They strive to understand not only each student’s academic needs, but their personalities as well. As the first step in an individualized program, consultants learn about each person so that we can help to make them better students.

Our consultants understand the education system, and how students must manouever through it. They care for each student as an individual, and use their experience to help tailor a program that meets each student’s unique needs.


Brian Jagger
Educational Consultant and Owner

I believe that education is constant.

Everything you do provides an opportunity for learning or teaching; you are always involved in education.

Everyone deserves a good education, and sometimes that requires extra support. Whether or not that support comes from a parent, a friend, a colleague, or a professional, it is still vital to each person’s opportunities in life.

This is what is drives me both professionally and personally.

I have had a lifetime surrounded by educators, one undergraduate and two graduate degrees, two children in the public education system, and thirteen years helping manage an international business.

Success requires integrity, compassion, and desire.

As the owner of this Tutor Doctor franchise, I help students in the communities of Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Burlington, Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, and the surrounding areas.

I have two children, ages 17 and 15, and I enjoy being a Beaver leader and convenor for my daughter’s soccer league.