College, University and Adult Tutoring Including Computer Literacy

Tutoring isn’t just for the young! Some of the most challenging coursework - where Tutors can help the most - comes at an older age. That’s why Tutor Doctor offers top-notch tutoring services geared towards college students and adult learning. Whether you’re a college age individual looking to brush up in a certain course, or you’re a bit older and have returned to the academic world, Tutor Doctor can help!

Adult Tutoring - Tutor Doctor

Our Tutors are highly skilled in nearly any subject. This allows us to offer you the right tutor - not just any tutor - for your unique course, skill level, and goals!

If you are an individual that wishes to learn computer skills. We will help. We will get you on-line and using E-mail, Facebook and Skype. If you want to increase your proficiency in Excel, Word or Power Point. We will help.

Don’t wait! If you think you can benefit from tutoring in your college level, adult learning courses or Computer Literacy, call Tutor Doctor. We’ll give you a free consultation and we’ll help you formulate a plan for success.